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GONG Festival

1336914000 - 1336915800

~Flow commissioned percussionist Brendan Murphy and Ni Madé Pujawati of Balinesedance to create a new performance inspired by ~Flow. Presented as part of the GONG Festival, a local festival which celebrates Javenese music and dancing. 

Balinese Dancer11 Balinese Dancer05 Balinese Dancer10 Balinese Dancer15 Balinese Dancer06 Balinese Dancer12 Balinese Dancer07 Balinese Dancer18 Balinese Dancer04 Balinese Dancer03 Balinese Dancer08 Balinese Dancer17 Balinese Dancer09 Balinese Dancer14 Balinese Dancer13 Balinese Dancer16 Balinese Dancer02

Presented in partnership with GONG Festival. For more information on GONG Festival, please click here. 

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