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Flow illustration

Flow illustration by Nicky Kirk.

Turbidatron and Bubble Synth

Photo Jill Tate

photo Jill Tate

Salinity Sampler Sequencer

Photo Jill Tate

Salinity sequencer - photo Lucy Ridges

Flow illustration

Flow illustration by Nicky Kirk.

Photo Jill Tate

About ~Flow

by Owl Project and Ed Carter

Electro-acoustic musical machinery powered by the River Tyne

~Flow is a tidemill - a floating building on the River Tyne that generates its own power using a tidal waterwheel. The onboard instruments respond to the constantly changing environment of the river, generating sound and data. 

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From 25 March 2012 until 16 September 2012, ~Flow was open to the public. 

During this time, a wide ranging programme of associated events and activities took place on and around ~Flow, including talks, tours, workshops, family art and music sessions, gigs and artist residencies.

Browse the ~Flow Timeline to view the Spring and Summer Creative Programme Events, which includes exclusive photos, audio recordings and video. 


18th September 2012

We are delighted to preview the ~Flow Engineering Writing Commissions, exclusively on our website!

The millhouse is home to Owl Project’s beautiful, hand crafted, electro-acoustic musical machinery. There are three inter- connected sonic instruments which mix traditional craft and digital innovation.

~Flow is constantly streaming live audio, and sending regular data updates to the web about the activity in the River Tyne.