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Write Around The Toon

6th June 2012

Write Around The Toon has been described as a ‘kraken of creativity’, with tendrils of inspiration reaching across the city. This year the creative team have been working as writers in residence onboard ~Flow. 

Debris – 23 May 2012 by Kris Anderson
As Viccy and I were hooking, poking and prodding the flotilla of debris nestled alongside ~Flow, I kept thinking about how these ‘things’ ended up there in the first place.

Blogging about their activites and experiences on their website, including snippets of creative work inspired by the site. You can read all about their adventures with hypnotic paddleboats and an array of floating debris here. We've included a sneaky peak below, follow the link for the full story. 

Some items like seaweed, twigs, buoys, Styrofoam containers and beach balls are (perhaps) self explanatory, but the onion (it could have been a bulb, but for now let’s say it was an onion) that floated up as Viccy moved aside a large clump of logs and twigs must have an interesting story.

The launch event for Write Around The Toon is on Thursday 7th June at Northern Stage - come along to find out more about the ~Flow residency and much more. Tickets are free, but should be booked in advance through the link below: