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Analog synth circuits

28th July 2011

The electronics within the salinity sampler sequencer have become quite involved

The electronics within the salinity sampler sequencer have become quite involved

Over the year. I have been getting my head around analog synth circuits and
produced this ADSR VCA circuit. Its mainly based around around other peoples work
but I am still proud of it. 

This circuit would not have been possible without the generous support from Tom Wiltshire
over at He came up with ADSR circuit and I just added the VCA
(voltage controlled amplifier) bit.

Check out his site, it has a lot more detailed information about it than you will find here.



The circuit lets you put a sound through it and control the shape of it in particular
the attack, decay, sustain, and release. This picture shows it best.

Our circuit also allows you to control the overall time and volume of the envelop.

Oh and most importantly a light fades in sync with the sound.

Of course a ADSR VCA in itself does not make any sound so here is a prototype
VCO (voltage controlled oscillator), Its a pretty dirty squarewave oscillator with 
a lowpass filter control to smooth it a bit.


I will add some video and sound examples soon so it will all make a bit more